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Christopher Bouwman
Christopher Bouwman founder of HeliosLand

My name is Christopher Bouwman and I am the founder of HeliosLand.

At HeliosLand, our goal is to find you the land property you need and provide it at a great price. We’re constantly analyzing property data trying to find the best land lots at the lowest prices. We currently have land available in Florida and Arizona, but we are always trying to expand our inventory. So if you are looking for land in a different State than what we have available, let us know!

The reason we can offer you land below market prices is that we actively seek out property owners that might want to sell their land but don’t know how to do it. We only acquire properties that offer great value, so we can pass the savings on to you.

Are you looking for a place to build your home, or for land as an investment? Perhaps you’re dreaming to own some acreage to race your All-Terrain Vehicle on!

There are thousands of reasons why you might want to own land but think owning is out of reach. Not so at HeliosLand, our objective is to help our customers own land even if they don’t have credit. With our growing inventory of properties, we can make your dreams of owning land a reality!

We are always updating our property listings, so bookmark our website to stay on top of the latest deals. Or better yet, we invite you to become a HeliosLand Insider! By signing up, you’ll receive exclusive property discounts and weekly deals, plus you’ll get to know about our new properties before we show them to anyone else.

At HeliosLand, we do everything we can to make investing in land a possibility for everybody. We offer steep cash discounts if you pay the full amount today and offer owner financing on all our properties if you prefer the convenience of low monthly payments. We’re flexible and will create a plan that works for you!

We don’t do credit checks – everybody qualifies. We don’t charge any interest and there’s no prepayment penalty if you want to pay off early.

Want to see the land before you commit? For a fully refundable $100 reservation fee, we’ll reserve any property for you for 72 hours, giving you time to drive over and take a look.

Or if you are sure this is the property for you, don’t wait, make a down payment and we’ll take it off the market for you. Your down payment is covered by our no-questions-asked 90-Day Guarantee, which gives you an additional 90 days to complete all of your due diligence.

If you have any questions, please leave us a message below and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

Now, let’s go and find you your land!

To your land success!

Christopher Bouwman – Manager of HeliosLand

If you have questions about our land properties, please give us a call at (786) 677-4551, or drop us a line below. We’ll be glad to assist you in any way we can!
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