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We are a small company run by a small team with a passion for helping our customers find their ideal land at an affordable price. We are not Realtors. All the properties advertised on our website and elsewhere are fully owned by HeliosLand.

Our properties are usually raw or vacant land lots. Most of them won’t have any utilities on them, although some might have municipal utilities. Make sure to ask us!

Just get in touch with us by phone or email, tell us which property you want to make an offer on and we’ll give you all the information you need.
HeliosLand Insiders are people like you, who have chosen to receive our latest property deals at least 24 hours before they are listed on our website.

Yes there are. You agree to receive a $250 discount on your first land purchase with us and to receive regular informative emails, discounts, and the latest property deals. We promise never to disclose your personal information to anybody else, and you can unsubscribe any time you wish.

We try to make purchasing land affordable for everyone. That’s why we offer seller financing on all our properties. We tailor our payment plans to fit our customer’s specific needs. Call us today to find out how the seller financing process works.

You’re already qualified and pre-aproved! We don’t run credit checks. In other words: if you can afford the down payment, you can afford to purchase land with owner financing. It’s that easy!

Yes, we strive to show you accurate pictures of each property and the surrounding area.

All land properties owners pay annual county taxes. Some properties are also part of a Home Owner Association, Property Owner Association or are part of an Improvement District, all of which might charge their separate annual taxes as well. Be sure to ask us how much your taxes will be before investing in a property – we’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need. Good news! While financing a property with HeliosLand, we will pay the property taxes for you!

Like every real estate transaction, buying land involves signing paperwork, deeds, and other legal documents. At HeliosLand, we strive to make this process as easy as possible by preparing all the paperwork for you. We charge a one-time non-refundable $249 document preparation fee for this service, after which you receive all the necessary documents and detailed explanations on what it all means.

No, but you are welcome to employ the services of a title company at your expense. We can help you with finding one

We offer two sale options, Cash Sale or Seller Financing. With a cash sale, the property title is put into your name by means a Warranty Deed, which guarantees that the property title is free of liens and encumbrances. With seller financing, HeliosLand will hold title to the property until you have completely paid off your property. At that time, the title will be transferred to you using a Warranty Deed.

Absolutely, we can give you a Google Maps location or the GPS coordinates. We can also give you driving directions and send you a Google Maps link to help you locate the property. If you like, we’ll send you the original Plat Map to the property as well.

You can’t go to a bank and sell your land. That’s why we have a special system that allows us to connect with people that want to sell their land, but don’t know how. We give them the option to sell us their land. We get the land at a great price and pass the savings on to you.

At HeliosLand we want you to be 100% satisfied and happy with your land investment. That’s why we offer a 90 day guarantee on all our seller-financed property sales. If it hasn’t been 90 days yet since closing and you’re not happy with your investment, just call us, and we will exchange your parcel for another one you prefer, or we can refund you the payments you’ve already made and take back the property. Simply put: if you are not in love with your property, we don’t want you to have it. Making our customers happy is what HeliosLand is about! We do not offer this guarantee on cash sales.
We’d gladly take a look at your property and see if we can purchase it from you. Just call or email us with the details and we’ll get back to you.

You can, but the property isn’t yours yet until you’ve made your initial investment. So before hopping in the car to check out the property, you could make use of our refundable $100 reservation option, which gives you 72 hours to check out the property before committing to buy it.  We’ll then provide you with maps, GPS coordinates and driving directions for you to go and inspect the property.

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